Skoog: the disability-friendly musical instrument

Credit: Skoog Music

Making music can be a form of self-expression or a way to relax, and musical therapy is a great way for anyone with a disability to communicate. Commended for its inclusivity, Skoog has been created as a musical instrument everyone can play.

Once synced with the Skoog app on your phone or iPad, the device allows you to create music. Play along with your favourite songs and learn different music notes all by using the four coloured buttons on the device.


Although Skoog can be used by anyone, it has been specifically designed to help those with disabilities and learning difficulties: it’s autism-friendly. Its use of colour, its soft, foam-like exterior and a visual based app make this possible.

Within the Skoog app you can select which instrument you want to play and in what key. Each coloured button then corresponds to a different chord or sound, allowing you to explore different sounds and make your own music.

The sensitivity of buttons can be changed to suit a wide range of physical abilities and use with different body parts. The volume and pitch of notes can also be adjusted from the app.

Using apps

Alternatively, you can learn how to play your favourite songs using the Skoog app for iPad. Simply click on the music tab and your music library will appear. You can then choose a song and the Skoog app will tell you which colour to press on the device to play the song yourself. We had great fun playing it.

Other apps like Garageband and Skoog Skratch can also be synced with your Skoog to unleash your inner rockstar or DJ.

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