Show your style with LIMB-art

LIMB-art is a British design and manufacturing company dedicated to producing the world’s coolest prosthetic leg covers.

Founded in 2018 by former Paralympic swimmer and medalist, Mark Williams and his wife Rachael, LIMB-art was born out of an overwhelming desire to help other prosthetic users raise their confidence, be proud of what they have and very simply, but equally importantly, have fun showing off whilst doing so.


Mark explains: “Prostheses have, over recent years, come on in leaps and bounds functionally. However, aesthetics have been generally overlooked. Limb-art aims to change this.”  

“Our leg covers restore balance to the silhouette without trying to blend in or hide.

“They are completely customisable and suitable for all users of above and below knee prostheses. No special trips needed to your limb centre either as they are easy to measure for and fit straight over the prosthetic.”

With leg covers coming in slim and standard fittings with variable lengths and a massive choice of finishes, customers can choose from a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs or can simply let their imagination run wild and go for a bespoke artist designed finish to really stand out.

In the past, LIMB-art has created covers with British flags, Welsh flags, silver carbon fibre, a very special Remembrance Day cover, bright red sparkle effect, Bianchi blue to match a racing bike, colours to match football teams… the list of possibilities is literally endless.


“One really great thing we have found is the instant confidence boost our covers give to the wearer,” continues Mark.

“We have been overwhelmed by the responses from our customers. There have been lots of emotional emails, posts and messages sent to us over the past year.

“One lady comes to mind, in particular, she bought her cover initially just to give shape to her leg under skinny jeans. At the time, she had only worn trousers and long skirts as she felt she wasn’t ready to show her leg yet.

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“However, the very day she received her LIMB-art cover she sent a photograph of herself all dressed up in a miniskirt ready for a night out! She was so excited and couldn’t wait to show her leg off!

“Knowing we are making such a positive impact on people lives like this is a fantastic feeling.”

Visit to start your Cool Prosthetic Leg Cover journey with prices starting from only £199.00.


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