Revitalise during COVID-19

The team at Revitalise are continuing their hard work to ensure people receive the respite they require. Revitalise share with Enable the work they’re doing during COVID-19.

We know how stretched the NHS is, with pressure on resources continuing to increase.

So as retired nurses and doctors return to work on the front line, we wanted to make sure our specialist equipment, facilities and expert team are contributing to the crisis in any way we can.


At the same time, we want to continue to support disabled people and carers.   

Revitalise Netley Waterside House and Revitalise Jubilee Lodge are working with the NHS to welcome patients from local hospitals who do not have the virus; freeing up hospital beds for people who do.

We are proud to be equipped to offer this level of support at such a critical time; helping create much-needed hospital places for people who have the virus. 


During the crisis we will also continue to support disabled people and carers by offering long or short stays with full care support at Revitalise Sandpipers in Southport.

This will include transport to get there from wherever you are based, if you need it.

If disabled people are concerned about isolating, or their usual care support failing, we can offer a place to stay during the crisis where care support is already in place. 

We are very proud of our award winning holidays, and we know that a break is just what we will all need when this is all over.

We so look forward to welcoming guests back for holidays again soon, once we have emerged from COVID-19.

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