Opening opportunities during Deafblind Awareness Week

Get outside and revel in the benefits of the great outdoors during Deafblind Awareness Week, taking place from 24 to 30 June. 

Deafblindness is the loss of sight and hearing to the extent that communication and ability to access information is impacted.

From progressive sight and hearing loss – where the deterioration of the senses is gradual – or living with deafblindess since birth, known as congenital deafblindness.


The spectrum of deafblindess is extremely large to accommodate the different levels that people can experience.

With an estimated 400,000 deafblind people in the UK, Deafblind Awareness Week helps to raise awareness and ensure everyone is integrated.

Due to the nature of the condition, people living with deafblindess can experience isolation or loneliness.

With figures of deafblind people set to increase to over 600,000 by 2030 due to an ever-growing aging population, the time to learn more about deafblindess is now.


There are times where living as deafblind can leave people feeling low. This Deafblind Awareness Week make time to get outdoors and reap the benefits of being out in nature.

From going for a walk in your local park, stopping for a picnic to picking fruit or taking a trip to the beach: being outside is a whole sensory experience that is known to reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety.

So, what are you doing to raise awareness outside?

Show us what you’re doing by using the hashtag, #DeafblindAwarenessWeek over on our Twitter or Instagram.

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