Online school for disabled pupils with Cambridge Online Education

Discover how Cambridge Home School, from Cambridge Online Education, can help disabled pupils flourish in home education.

Schools often try their best to adapt their facilities for disabled children but the fact is they were never really designed for disabled pupils. 

In some cases, the other children in the school run around in often large groups threatening physical harm to disabled children.

While we all want an ideal world, we know deep down that the world is not ideal and that schools will never really be able to cater for disabled children properly.

Children with disabilities don’t want to feel different to other children of course, and studying online means they aren’t. 


Unlike conventional bricks and mortar schools where children compete physically and show-off their physical prowess, online schools are great levelers – nobody is represented physically. 

Online, all children are truly equal and a disable child need not feel inadequate or different in their everyday school life. 

Online schools only know the child has a disability if the student chooses to share this information – otherwise there is no way of knowing. Unless it impacts the child’s learning, there is no need for teachers to know.


Cambridge Home School (part of Cambridge Online Education), is a selective independent online school based in Cambridge UK, which selects pupils based on their motivation to succeed and their goals. 

The school is looking for determined young people who know the value of hard work, are resilient, and who want to achieve great things – disabled children exemplify these qualities.

Many teachers working with Cambridge Home School hold Masters and PhD qualifications from top universities and they have high aspirations for all of their pupils. 

Cambridge Home School pupils progress to top universities and incredible careers and there is no reason why you can’t, too.


A top education is expensive, of course, and Cambridge Home School is, as you might expect not cheap, so funding may be necessary. 

Many pupils are funded via an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). If you do not have an EHCP, contact your local authority and request one. 

Some local authorities will resist paying for alternative education like online schools, but for many disabled children it is their preferred way to learn and succeed. As long as you can demonstrate that attendance to conventional schools is inappropriate and that an online school is more appropriate, you stand a very good chance of succeeding in obtaining funding.

Cambridge Home School is always full and you should apply at least one year in advance. The school has a waiting list of over 100 pupils, so don’t hesitate if want a school place. 

Please visit for more information, and share this far and wide to help to transform a child’s life and prospects.

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