MTV to chronicle first physically disabled person’s journey to space

Broadcaster MTV will chronicle disabled activist Eddie Ndopu’s journey to outer space, he will be the first physically disabled person to go on the historic journey.

Credit @eddiendopu on Instagram

The network will follow South African activist Eddie Ndopu on his quest to become the first physically disabled person to travel to outer space. Now 27, Eddie was born with spinal muscular atrophy and given a life expectancy of five years.

More than two decades later, he describes himself as “black, queer, disabled and brilliant.”


Now he hopes to travel to outer space where he will deliver a message to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on behalf of young people everywhere who have felt excluded by society.

MTV cameras will follow him as he finds an aerospace company to facilitate the mission and will give an inside look at his thoughts and feelings as the launch approaches.

His voyage and message to the UN from above earth will also be documented. The activist hopes to acquire a rocket from South African-born Elon Musk, founder of company SpaceX.

For over a decade now Eddie has been a voice fighting for the rights of disabled people everywhere. Last year he became the first African disabled person to graduate from Oxford University after completing a master’s degree in public policy.

An embodiment of many identities often seen as a disadvantage by society, Eddie is turning expectations on their head and showing that a disability doesn’t have to mean hitting barriers in life, but overcoming them.

An air date for the series has not yet been released, but production will begin at the start of 2019.

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