International disability charity CBM is highlighting the voices of disabled people during the coronavirus pandemic

Promoting the voices of people living with disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic, charity CBM has launched a new campaign: My Story.

The campaign features eight video diaries made by women and men from around the world.

My Story

Speaking from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and Zimbabwe, they are sharing their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Their stories illustrate the range of challenges that people with disabilities are facing at this time.

These include a loss of income, lack of access to health care and difficulties accessing personal care and support. 

“Too often, people with disabilities are unseen and unheard in their societies – and with measures in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus leaving many isolated at home, there is a risk that this marginalisation will be compounded,” explains Kirsty Smith, chief executive of CBM UK.

“To fully understand the impact that this unprecedented global situation is having on people with disabilities, and to ensure a better understanding of how to make responses inclusive, it is essential the voices and experiences are heard of those with the best insights into their own situations.”  

The videos also show how people with disabilities, along with their representative organisations, are playing a valuable role in responding to the crisis. 


In times of crisis like this, disabled people are often among the worst affect and the last to receive help. They are also some of the first to volunteer to help. 

CBM is working with partners, local governments and disabled people’s organisations to ensure that people with disabilities can access vital information and support during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that their voices are heard. 

This support includes: ensuring vital health messages about how to stay safe are accessible to all; ensuring people with disabilities can access food and vital supplies; protecting health and community outreach workers but ensuring they have access to face masks, soap and hand sanitiser; supporting people’s mental health and well-being. 

You can watch the eight campaign videos and learn more here.

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