IKEA launches new furniture collection for disabled people

We all know and love IKEA, and can admit to having at least one or two pieces of IKEA furniture in our homes.

Well, now the Swedish company has announced that it’s creating a more functional line of furniture for disabled people and all we can say is, it’s about time.


The OMTÄNKSAM range – which means ‘thoughtful’ in Swedish – will launch in May 2020 and aims to aid movement around the house and improve comfort levels.

Credit to IKEA

The launch of the line encompasses IKEAs ethos to create products that improve the everyday life of everyone, and hoping to lead the way in how companies work with disabled people.

Many different products are planned, including for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Products will include seat cushions, anti-slip mats, jar grips, and chairs for a variety of needs.


This isn’t the first time IKEA have put disabled people at the heart of their design ideas: in April of this year, they launched their ThisAbles range; a group of add-on products that aim to simplify everyday tasks.

Products include handles for shower curtains, larger buttons for lamps and couch lifts, increasing the height of sofas and ensuring sitting down and getting up is more manageable.

It’s unclear whether products will need assembling and if they do, whether services will be in place to build the furniture, but we look forward to learning more about the range in the lead up to the launch.

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