Get stylish with Kinetic Balance, premium wheelchair clothing and apparel

Designed with style, produced to perform. Kinetic balance sets a new standard for active, fashionable wheelchair users. We take a look at the hottest styles.

This is clothing wheelchair users deserve. It’s their ambition to be the leading brand in clothing designed for wheelchair users. 


Jeans are four-way stretch, staying in place during transfers, no abdominal pressure and reduces skin friction. Jeans come in regular or slim, magnetic or button fly, and in styles for men and women.


The 3-in-1 jacket is packed with features and of high quality. Reinforcements on the sleeves, a 12-degree collar, breathable outer jacket, insulated inner jacket, together you will be able to face all conditions and look stylish! The jacket comes in black or blue.


The stylish and comfortable solution to keep your legs warm and your cushion dry. 

Raindek® Original and  Raindek®  Long

The Raindek is a quick and easy solution; its a rain jacket for the legs. The original covers the upper legs and the knees, the long version covers your complete legs. They both store in their own bag.

Raindek® Parka

The Parka is our solution for cold days. This is an expedition jacket for the legs. The Parka version covers the backside of the lower legs and is stuffed with THERMOLITE FL-3E 220gr. This is an Eco thermo filling made of at least 35% recycled fibers. The filling of 220gr is the equivalent of 650gr down feather filling.


This ultra soft and light pullover is the most comfortable piece of garment you will ever own. It’s plain and simple and a revolutionary jump forward in Pullover design for a seated posture. Available in a variety of colours and styles for men and women.


A nice variety in bags for use on the backrest or frame of your wheelchair. Several colours and several sizes. All adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Kinetic Balance are giving Enable readers an exclusive discount to revamp their wardrobe. Visit the Kinetic Balance website here, and get 5% off using the code: enable5

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