Get autism friendly with Monkey World

Ahead of Disabled Access Day 2019, excitement is building as businesses and the disabled community prepare for a day of accessible fun – all whilst raising awareness.

This year, Disabled Access Day will take place on Saturday 16 March, and sees the event enter it’s fourth year.

One business getting ready to promote accessibility, encourage awareness and knowledge of physical, learning, sensory disabilities will be Monkey World.

Holding its first Autism Friendly Day, the park will continue promoting the access facilities available, from a range of mobility scooters, to the primate sensory statues around the park.

To help autistic visitors and their families further, during Disability Access Day, autistic visitors can access the park an hour early, to avoid the rush at the gates.

Plus, to ensure as many people can take advantage of this as possible, the slots will be pre-bookable only. The park will also have a sensory trail especially for the day, a welcome pack sent out by email, and dedicated chill out spaces.

With this, and over 260 rescued monkeys and apes, and three play areas, Monkey World hopes to be a great day out- for all!

For more information and to book in, please call 01929 462537/ email

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