FREE guide to Motability adaptations for disabled drivers and passengers

Motability cars are specially adapted vehicles that can cater for a range of disabilities to help disabled drivers and passengers use a car. But just exactly how are they adapted and what adaptations are available on the Motability scheme


Well, there are more than 500 different adaptations available to Motability customers that can be made to any vehicle to help improve its use for a disabled driver or passenger. 

Motability dealer Stoneacre has created a bite sized guide to Motability adaptations to help you better understand what the scheme has to offer and how you can adapt a vehicle to cater for a disabled person. 

This is great if you know you are eligible for the scheme or if you have already considered applying. With so much choice available to Motability customers, sometimes choosing a car can be a bit overwhelming and there are hundreds of different adaptations available. 


Stoneacre’s guide takes you through 12 of the most common adaptations that are fitted to Motability cars and explains how you order your car with the help of a Motability dealer and installer. 

They also cover what types of vehicle are available on the scheme and a step by step guide that you can follow to have confidence knowing you are finding the right car for you. 

More than 200,000 people drive a Motability car in the UK, which is around a third of all Motability customers. 

As well as a car, the Motability scheme allow you to lease a mobility scooter, motorised wheelchair, or a wheelchair accessible vehicle.


Can I add extra adaptations during the lease? 

Yes. Adaptations can be added part way through a lease deal, but you must inform the Motability charity for insurance purposes. For adaptations part way through a lease, Motability advise that you must use a recognised installer and pay them directly for the work. 

How much do adaptations cost? 

A full list of adaptations and prices is available online here. Bear in mind that prices may differ depending on how and when you order them.

Are there any rules for transferring adaptations between cars? 

Some adaptations are transferable between cars, like boot and person hoists, as long as your new vehicle can fit them. In most cases, adaptations can be transferred at no extra cost, but charges that apply will be payable direct to the installer. 

What if I can’t afford to pay for adaptations I need? 

Whilst many adaptations are available at no extra cost, some will cost you money to have fitted. There is financial support available from the Motability Charity if you are unable to afford the extra expense.

What adaptations are free? 

Almost 200 of the most popular adaptations are available for free as long as you order them with your car. Some of the more common adaptations that are free include left-foot accelerators, pedal modifications, steering aids, and wheelchair stowage.  

Does my insurance policy cover damage to my adaptations? 

Yes. All adaptations fitted to your vehicle by a recognised installer when you ordered the car will be covered by your insurance. RSAM Motability are the insurance providers for the Motability scheme who will take care of any claims you make.

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