Embracing movement during MS Awareness Week

Are you ready to Move it for MS? It’s time to get active this week (22 – 28 April) to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis during this year’s MS Awareness Week.

The MS Trust is encouraging more people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to get active and add some exercise into their daily routine.


MS is a neurological condition which affects a person’s nerves, meaning over time movement and mobility can be compromised.

However, as more sporting activities become adaptive: you too can move this MS Awareness Week. With a theme of Move it for MS, Anisha Gangotra is encouraging those with the condition to get out of their comfort zone and try adaptive exercise.


As an inclusive dance and Zumba instructor, Anisha has teamed up with the MS Trust during MS Awareness Week. Having experienced how MS can impact an individual first hand, both physically and mentally – Anisha’s two sisters and her cousin live with MS – Anisha is set to get people dancing.

Anisha enthuses: “My students tell me I’ve changed their lives by creating a space where they can dance, feel free and where there is no judgement – we’re all just people having a brilliant time dancing together. 

“It’s also providing an opportunity for people from all walks of life to meet each other. We’ve created a truly unique and joyous atmosphere in these classes.”


Welcoming students with long-term disabilities or conditions into her studio, Anisha teaches people living with MS, have experienced a spinal cord injury, have cerebral palsy or amputees. 

To celebrate MS Awareness Week, Anisha and the MS Trust will be streaming a live inclusive dance class tomorrow (Wednesday 24 April) from 12pm and you can get involved, too. Trishna Bharadia from BBC1’s ‘The People’s Strictly’ will also be taking part in the broadcast.

To follow along and get involved, go to the MS Trust’s Facebook page and don’t forget to tag #WorkoutWednesday, #MoveitforMS and @zumbawithanisha.

How are you moving this MS Awareness Week? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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