Company joins forces with Barbie to create colourful wheelchair wheel covers

A company that produces stylish wheelchair wheel covers has collaborated with Barbie to create four limited-edition designs.

Izzy Wheels, owned by sisters Izzy and Ailbhe, was created as part of a college project for Ailbhe in her final year at The National College of Art and Design.


Izzy was born with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. The company’s motto is: “If you can’t stand up, stand out!”, which is brought to life by their eye-catching, colourful designs.

The wheel covers enable wheelchair users to customise their wheelchairs, improve confidence and help with self-expression. The covers are waterproof and can be attached to any size of manual wheelchair.


The partnership with Barbie comes after the company announced the release of a new range of dolls with physical disabilities, with one doll having an prosthetic leg and another using a wheelchair.

Izzy Wheels collaborates with different designers, to produce their wheel covers, and have over 60 permanent bright and colourful designs on their website.


Wheel covers can be posted worldwide and the company does take requests for smaller covers for power chairs. You can also purchase gift vouchers, so wheelchair users can buy the cover that suits their personality best.

Izzy Wheels is opening the door to a new generation, enabling them to turn their wheelchair into a fashion accessory that showcases their personality, style and individuality.

To buy your own Izzy Wheels wheel cover, head to the website, here.

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