Cibes Lifts: unlocking doors to accessibility for over 70 years

Cibes have been designing and manufacturing platform lifts from their factory in Gävle Sweden for more than 70 years. They have now gone onto expand their business with over two hundred partners in 50 countries worldwide.

Their vast experience has helped businesses and individuals create accessibility solutions the world over.

Credit: Cibes Lift UK

Home life

Cibes home user, Edward Bridger-Stille was left unable to walk again after a fall at Christmas in 2017. Since installing his Cibes home lift Edward has been able to resume his home life: “I have a relatively normal life thanks to our Cibes lift. I can go to bed, go to the bathroom and go downstairs to join my family with ease.”

Credit: Cibes Lift UK

“I’m extremely grateful to my Cibes lift. It’s been a real life and lifestyle saver. I wanted an external lift; it was the best option to not take up room in our home.

“We really love the modern feel the lift adds to our slightly older house,” Edward explained.


There are many benefits to a home lift, choosing Cibes means:

  • Retained independence 
  • safe choice 
  • Easy and practical to use
  • Installation within 5 – 7 days 
  • Up to 6 floors travel
  • Wheelchair and carer accessible 
  • Options for limited space


Lift loving twins Freddie and Joseph Taylor have found an oasis in platform lifts in public places. Their father Dean expressed how their passion began: “The boys were diagnosed with autism when they were four and since then we have stumbled into this lift–related world.”

“They feared platform lifts to start with, but this soon disappeared, and they decided that they loved them. Our house is now covered in drawings of lift control panels, it’s all they talk about.

“I personally think they enjoy it so much because you can get in, press a button and it takes you to where you want to go. It’s a moment of quiet in the middle of a shopping centre.”

Credit: Cibes Lift UK

Cibes were thrilled to send Freddie and Joseph an engineer’s pack to add to their lift collection. “We weren’t expecting such kindness from Cibes, the boys will be made up with their presents,” exclaimed Dean.

Cibes are here to ensure that they improve the lives of their users. Whether it be in a home where functionality meets Scandinavian style or to users in public places gaining access or a moment of calm. Cibes brings people together. 

Speak to Cibes Lift UK today about accessibility in your home or business. Call 0800 085 0269 or e-mail See more projects here or visit

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