Changing Places toilets for people with a disability made compulsory in England from 2021

Changing Places toilets are now compulsory in England from 2021 in new buildings.

The accessible toilets are a lifeline for many in the disabled community when out and about. 

Now, supermarkets, shopping centres, sports and arts venues will all be required to include at least one Changing Place.


Limited Changing Places has been a growing problem for people who require the use of the accessible equipment, which includes hoists, changing benches and a space for carers.

Helen Whately, Minister for Care, said: “Compulsory Changing Places in new public buildings is a major step in reducing the health inequalities.

“All public spaces should cater for people with disabilities so they don’t have to suffer discomfort, embarrassment, or even injury without access to a Changing Place.”

The announcement will be a major change to building rules in England, which now require a Changing Place toilet in all new buildings. 


There has already been an increase in Changing Places toilets increasing from 140 in 2007 to 1,400 – but more are needed to help support an estimated 250,000 disabled people.

More positive news came in March when a £30m fund was announced to install Changing Places toilets.

Furthermore, there are plans to install 37 more Changing Places at service stations across England after the Department for Transport and Muscular Dystrophy UK announced a £1.7m fund.

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