Appreciating the Power of Small on Time to Talk Day 2021

On Time to Talk Day it’s time to celebrate the Power of Small to make a significant impact to ending mental health stigma.

Tomorrow (4 February 2021) marks Time to Talk Day, an annual event to start a conversation around mental health to help end the taboo around mental health conditions.

Some conversations are easier to have than others, and, sometimes, it can be daunting to open up about your mental health.

However, the more we talk about mental health we can break down barriers, banish outdated myths, taboo, and stigma. On Time to Talk Day, run by mental health charity Time to Change, it’s time to get talking about mental health.


Like many things, this years’ Time to Talk Day looks different – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to promote healthy, open discussions. 

The first ever Virtual Festival is starting today (3 February 2021) until tomorrow, which features a range of online activities for everyone to enjoy from the safety of your own home. 

Kicking off at 7pm this evening, the Virtual Festival is free to join whether you live alone, with family or are taking part in a Zoom call to check in with loved ones. 

Featuring sessions discussing the importance and power of talking; Young Champions will be sharing their tips for talking about mental health; cooking sessions to yoga and Bollywood: the festival is sure to be an opportunity to open up and get involved in fun activities.

Download your free Time to Talk Day Activity Packs here!


Alongside the fun events, the important message surrounding Time to Talk Day is the power of talking for improved mental health.

When it comes to opening up about your own mental health, or listening to a loved one share their feelings, there are many ways to ensure a positive conversation is had.

Even if the conversation is hard, it’s important to listen.

Listen to what your loved one is saying to you, and ask questions that are open and not judgemental.

Right time, right place

Talking about sensitive or emotional topics face-to-face can be nerve-wracking. So, although there is no right time or place to have the perfect conversation about mental health, it may be easier to start the chat when you are sitting side to side, doing something else together such as cooking or going for a walk. 

Avoid quick fixes

Recovering from a mental health condition can be a long, slow journey so it is important to listen to what your loved one is saying and try to avoid offering quick fix solutions. This can be hard as nobody wants to see someone they care about hurting, but one important step to supporting mental health is by listening.

They are still the same

Yes, conversations around mental health are improving, but some stigma still stands. After the person you care about opens up, remember they have not changed and you shouldn’t treat them differently. 


Some people living with a mental health condition may isolate themselves or have low patience, even be irritable with you. It is important you are patient, let the person know you are always there when they want to talk and are on hand to help be that by getting some shopping or simply sending a check-in text.

This Time to Change Day celebrate the power of talking and the power in small gestures.

How are you celebrating Time to Talk Day? Let us know online, TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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