A start-up is pushing towards its final goal of making the entire internet accessible by 2025

Israeli start-up accessiBe is working towards their final goal of making all corners of the internet accessible by 2025.

The world’s leading AI-powered web accessibility solution, accessiBe, launched their latest accessibility interface after spending eight months of ongoing research and development with its team of advisors and testers with disabilities. 

The swift new interface features Accessibility Profiles, innovative combinations of commonly-needed accessibility adjustments that can be activated at a single click. 

The user just has to choose the profile that’s right for them and all features are automatically activated.


Prior to the release of Accessibility Profiles, users with disabilities implemented accessiBe’s effective adjustments one at a time. 

It was fast and efficient, but accessiBe always aimed higher and knew their products could be even more inclusive. 

With the new update, users can apply multiple accessibility changes in one stroke, effectively converting every website to full accessibility in an instant.

The update has provided six new Accessibility Profiles including: a screen reader profile for blind and visually impaired users; epilepsy safe profile; a cognitive disability profile; keyboard navigation (motor-impaired) profile and an ADHD-friendly profile.


The latest update is an additional success for the quickly-growing startup, which marked its expansion to 50,000 clients, including Hilton, HStern, and BMW. 

accessiBe also raised $12 million from a funding round in May 2020, led by K1 Investment Management LLC. 

Like all accessiBe’s features, Accessibility Profiles were developed in collaboration with accessiBe’s advisory team of users with disabilities.

“Our team of advisors with disabilities guide our development every step of the way,” says Shir Ekerling, CEO and co-founder of accessiBe. 

“Accessibility Profiles is a direct response to their feedback, making it easier for every website owner to help us reach our goal of making the entire internet accessible by 2025.”


Rules and guidelines around internet accessibility are changing. For instance, here in the UK, public sector websites require to be accessible as of the start of September this year with more calls for websites to be accessible across the board.

Established in 2016, accessiBe is working to ensure every country in the world can provide accessible internet access and use.

With more people relying on internet use due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have all be forced to utilise technology and the internet more than ever before.

As accessiBe’s success shows, there is only a matter of time before we are living in a digitally inclusive age.

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