Young disabled people show what they can do through inspirational art project

papworth-art-projectWhat can you do? That was the question posed to young disabled people in Peterborough recently – and their answers included cheerleading, helping people to make their gardens look good, and being daring enough to try new things.

The young people attend one of disability charity Papworth Trust’s youth clubs. The club, which is for disabled young people, is somewhere they can go to have fun, make friends, and do activities.

They have been working on a creative ‘can’ art project, run in partnership with youth arts organisation 20TwentyProductions.

The aim was to show what they can do and what they dream of doing through different techniques such as painting, sculpture and poems. At the end of the project they achieved an Arts Award.

Here is what some of the group had to say about what they can do:

Owen, 17:

“I like cooking; I help my mum in the kitchen. I’d like to be a chef. My favourite thing is cakes – all kinds! I like coming to the youth club and trying different activities. I learn new things.”

Antonio, 16:

“I made a sculpture of a boat and a shark because I love the sea. I go swimming most weeks. I love jumping in the swimming pool, I often get told off though! I also made a poster with different words to describe me and what I like doing. I am enthusiastic – I have lot of energy. And I am positive; I always look on the bright side.”

India, 14:

“I made a sculpture of a cat because I love cats and animals. I also designed a t-shirt with a cat on it. I have 4 cats, and I train them to do tricks. There’s always something new and different to try here at the youth club, and you get treated as an individual. It’s amazing.”

Linda Roberts, Transitions Business Manager at Papworth Trust said, “This can art project has been a great opportunity for the young people who go to our Peterborough youth club to learn new creative skills, express themselves, and most importantly to have fun.”

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