Wisbech woman gets “perfect” new job in time for Christmas

Papworth Susan Lemmon_WisbechSusan Lemmon, 58, from Wisbech started a new job recently after 8 years out of work. She now has a “perfect” new job working for a florist, and is looking forward to her best Christmas for a long time.

Susan has been out of work since 2008 following two hip replacements which resulted in a broken pelvis, leaving her with limited mobility. Susan first heard about local florist Lillian Rose Flowers at an open day organised by charity Papworth Trust, which helps long term unemployed people to find and keep jobs. The open days are arranged to let job hunters and prospective local employers meet up.

She was invited to an interview with Lillian Rose Flowers in Wisbech, and she told them that she was worried about her difficulty walking long distances. She was offered an initial two-week work trial taking orders and answering the telephone, and has now been offered a permanent role as a Telephone Sales Operator.

Susan said,

“It was very depressing being at home all the time. I didn’t think I would get into work again because I was really limited in what I could do.

This job is perfect for me as I am mainly answering the phone and taking orders. If I do need support I know that everyone in the office will help me. It makes such a difference having understanding employers.”

Speaking of her experience with Papworth Trust, Susan said,

“Papworth Trust made me feel confident about working again. They really did help me a lot.”

Melissa Heath, Manager and Director of Lillian Rose Flowers said,

“Susan is a lovely lady and the customers love her. Susan’s attitude and telephone manner ensured she excelled in the role. We are lucky enough to have a level access building. For other employers, I would suggest that they make sure the facilities are accessible. Having Susan on our team has been great and I don’t think someone’s disability makes any difference so long as they can do the job.”

As a charity, Papworth Trust offers local employers a free recruitment service, including job matching. To find out more, please email contact.centre@papworthtrust.org.uk or phone 0300 333 6535.

About Papworth Trust:

Charity Papworth Trust offers essential support and care to disabled and older people, their families and carers. We help people of all ages to live independently in their own homes, to learn new skills, and to find and keep jobs that are right for them. To find out more please go to www.papworthtrust.org.uk.

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