Would you use an ‘on-demand’ carer?

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A new Uber-style service that allows families to book carers on demand is being rolled out nationally. 

Following the success of instant booking services such as Uber, Just Eat and Airbnb, comes Cera – the biggest health startup in Europe.

Cera’s founders say their service will help families to instantly book a home carer in their area that meets their needs – either on a short or long-term basis.

The online platform will also provide friends and family the ability to message the carers while they are in their loved one’s home. It has several hundred carers registered and has run trials in London and the home counties.

Once rolled out, the new scheme will guarantee a carer to a patient’s front door or hospital bed within four hours, they said, helping to reduce delays currently suffered by those in need of care. The average hourly rate is £16 and the carer takes home £13.

Cera has said they will handpick experienced healthcare professionals, but the company is not yet regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Those behind the idea include an NHS advisor, with £1.3m investment in the scheme coming from investors.

Ben Maruthappu, a doctor and co-founder of Cera, said: “Our aim is to create a digital doorway to the over-65s, and curate services with partners to help them live more independently.”


What do you think of the idea? Would you use Cera? 

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