ubu unveils pioneering care model in Wigan

ubu-logo2Vulnerable adults in Wigan will gain greater freedom and independence at the heart of their community when an innovative new housing development opens on Friday, January 10.

London House at Standish Gate is the latest uStep setting to be unveiled by Yorkshire based ubu.  It will be opened by Wigan MP Lisa Nandy who has a keen interest in housing for vulnerable adults.

The state-of-the-art apartments have been designed to provide first class accommodation with integrated comprehensive supported care for vulnerable adults. Located close to the city centre it will give residents the chance to set their own lifestyle goals and become active members of the community.

uStep is widely recognised by the NHS, local authorities and other providers as being a beacon of good practice and combines first class support through the provision of unobtrusive, yet comprehensive support in high quality accommodation, in a cost effective way.

Customers of the modern purpose designed apartments will be encouraged to set individual targets including therapeutic work, education, lifestyle and in their personal relationships with the support of their enablers.

Existing uStep residents have already proved the strength of the model with better than expected outcomes after just months.

Dorothy Jarvis-Lee, Chief Executive of ubu said: “With an ever changing political agenda and more demands being made on the health and social Care sector to provide more for less, ubu is pleased we have the solution that progresses the way forward for those most vulnerable and who need specialised health and social care support, those with challenging behaviour and who may have a learning disability: autism, emotional trauma.

“The way we deliver support is a key element of how ubu are moving forwards towards a vision of enabling citizenship by transforming people’s lives with minimal support. ubu’s unique transformational approach supports people along a pathway towards citizenship, greater independence safely and reduces levels of support. The approach delivers safe progressive outcomes in a flexible supportive environment.”

You are invited to send a reporter and photographer along to the opening to speak to ubu team members, management, customers and families.

To find out more about the early success of uStep follow this link

ubu is a specialist social care and support agency based in the north of England.  Its aim is to help people to live as independently as possible so they can gain confidence and self-belief, thus making a valuable contribution to society.   ubu works with people with learning, physical or emotional difficulties.

For further information please visit www.ubu.me.uk

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