Top tips for driving this winter from the Motability Scheme

winter driving

With the cold weather and dark evenings here to stay for the next few months, disabled motorists can access advice on how to drive safely this winter by visiting In line with Road Safety Week (23 – 29 November 2015) the Motability Scheme provides a ‘winter driving’ checklist to help ensure safer motoring on the roads in the changing weather conditions.

The ‘winter driving tips’ checklist includes the following tips and more:

  • Plan ahead
    • Plan your route in advance and try to stick to main roads in icy conditions
    • Pack warm clothes, food, drink and a blanket in the car in case of any emergencies or lengthy traffic jams
    • Ensure your mobile phone battery is fully charged before setting off, just in case you need to contact the RAC in the event of a breakdown. It’s useful to also have emergency contact numbers already saved in your phone
  • Ensure good visibility
    • Before setting off on a journey, make sure that your lights, windows and number plates are clear and ensure they are visible to other road users
    • Check your anti-freeze and screen wash whether you have an ice-scraper tool in your car. Never pour hot water over your windscreen as it might crack
    • Make sure the windscreen is clear of ice before switching on your windscreen wipers as ice can damage them
    • If using a scooter or powered wheelchair, you should wear something reflective to increase visibility to other drivers and pedestrians
  • Check your tyres
    • If you live in a remote area or a location prone to extreme weather conditions, you may want to consider having snow tyres, chains or socks fitted to your car. Kwik Fit can arrange this for Motability Scheme customers at their own cost
  • On the road
    • Use gentle manoeuvres, slower speeds and allow more time for accelerating and braking during icy and wet weather conditions
    • Stick to main roads where possible as smaller roads are less likely to have been cleared and gritted
    • If using a scooter or powered wheelchair you should check their battery range as they may run for a shorter distance in the cold

The Motability Scheme provides customers with a worry-free lease package that includes vehicle servicing and maintenance, full RAC breakdown assistance and tyre and windscreen replacement. Local dealerships are also available to help customers if they require any assistance with winter driving – checks for batteries, lights, anti-freeze and screen wash are included in the annual service.

For more information on leasing a car, scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme, visit or call 0800 953 7000.

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