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The worry and stress of being unable to use an essential piece of equipment is eliminated with Clos-o-Mat’s unique approach to customer support.

The company, which supplies the brand-leading Palma Vita automatic bidet drier toilet, is the only manufacturer in its field to not only commission every single unit installed, but which also provides a comprehensive after-sales support package that includes an in-house, nationwide team of dedicated service engineers, ensuring any issues, from the moment the toilet is fitted, are resolved quickly and by experts.

Mark Sadler, Clos-o-Mat Sales Director, explains, “The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita has been carefully designed to not only meet the needs of the user as comprehensively as possible but to minimise risk of any problems occurring.  To our customers, it is a vital appliance that enables them to carry out normal, basic bodily functions with dignity and independence: to lose those core human rights because the unit is not working, for whatever reason, causes significant physical and psychological distress. We want to eliminate that privation as far as possible. Having our own dedicated, specially trained team of service engineers ensures any problems are rectified rapidly.”

In addition to the service engineers’ availability to remedy any issues, Clos-o-Mat’s innovative customer care service includes commissioning of every unit to verify it has been installed correctly and is working properly, plus optional provision of annual servicing, with the company notifying customers when the toilet is due for its yearly check, and working with them to arrange a convenient date and time to undertake the maintenance.

Adds Mark, “We think it’s so important that we visit and commission every unit, as this is the only way we can be sure that they are installed correctly.  Self-commissioning checks can tell if the unit is functioning, but only by visiting an installation can you ensure that the toilet is securely fixed in position, which is essential when so many users make side transfers onto the toilet.  Checking every UK mainland installation gives us the reassurance that we’ve done everything practicable to provide a trouble-free product and service from the outset,thereby not only protecting our good name but also that of everyone else involved in the provision of Clos-o-Mat toilets.

“Once installed, as with any appliance, if it is properly looked after, it will give years of trouble-free use. Our sales support package is deliberately designed to make life as easy as possible for our customers, so they can toilet without worry.”

Clos-o-Mat has been supplying Clos-o-Mat toilets, which combine in effect a conventional WC with integral douching (washing) and drying, for over 30 years, and now has almost 40,000 units in use, in locations ranging from individual’s homes to care and nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, schools and shopping centres. Full details of the range of Clos-o-Mat toilets, lifters, bathroom accessories and service are available on the company’s website or freefone 0800 374076.

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