Thousands tune in to Hannahs radio station

Access All Aerials team

Over 12,500 listeners are tuning in to Hannahs radio station Access All Aerials. Launched two years ago, the station went live online in November 2013.

Run by people with a range of disabilities, the station is going from strength to strength. There are more than 15 regular presenters hosting 10 shows weekly between them with 12 hours live programming.

The presenters offer a variety of shows with a wide range of music to discussions on topics such as poetry, politics and horse racing. There are regular shows every Wednesday to Friday. To tune in go to

The station and shows can be heard 24/7 via PCs and most smartphones. Listeners can send in requests to or via the test website –

Carl Munson, Hannahs Project Founder and Manager, said “The Access All Aerials project has surpassed all our expectations in offering a huge range of people with disabilities the chance to create their own radio shows. The most unlikely and passionate presenters have emerged allowing us to break broadcasting boundaries bringing personal and social benefits to people that society often denies a voice or creative expression. We’d love to give anyone challenged by disability the chance to broadcast to the world, wherever they are in the world. The internet and Hannahs have made that possible.”

Hannahs has been enriching the lives of children and young people for more than 200 years. One of the UK’s oldest charities, Hannahs is dedicated to empowering children, young people and adults with a range of disabilities. We are committed to challenging societal beliefs surrounding disabled people with the aim of making disability incidental. Find out more at

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