This year I will… get involved with Whizz-Kidz


This is the time of the year when people start to say the ‘R’ word. Resolution. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions or perhaps you prefer setting long term goals. Maybe you‘re someone who is eager to make a resolution and start the year with a bang!

Whatever your take on New Year’s resolutions, we at Whizz-Kidz want 2016 to be your year. That’s why we’re asking you to think about the year ahead and fill in the space below.

This year I will____

We asked Whizz-Kidz, Kidz Board Member Ayesha to tell us her New Year’s resolution, ‘This year I want to become a volunteer. I’ve been going to a Whizz-Kidz youth club for years and I sometimes lead on some of the activities, which has given me confidence to take on more responsibility and become a volunteer. I’d like to raise awareness of disability and also help Whizz-Kidz to raise more money.’

Becoming a volunteer is a great New Year’s resolution. Here are some other suggestions:


This year I will have more fun

If you come along to one of our youth clubs, residential camps or you want volunteer for Whizz-Kidz in 2016 you will see why more than 2,000 young people enjoy being involved. There are always lots of fun things to do from fashion shows to cookery classes, music workshops and dodgeball!

This year I will travel

We think travel expands your horizons and opens up the world. This year you could help someone develop their wheelchair skills and confidence by volunteering at Whizz-Kidz. Plus if you’re a young wheelchair user you can do one of our courses. Our wheelchair skills training will help you to travel independently at home, school, work and for fun.


This year I will find my dream job

This could be the year you find your dream job or make steps towards it. We offer work placements programme and work skills courses for young wheelchair users. In the past young people have done placements at Diesel, Red Bull, The Daily Telegraph and Sky.

This year I will go out of my way to meet new people

One of the best things about getting involved with Whizz-Kidz is the people that you’ll meet. Our youth clubs are full of friendly faces and are a great place to hang out whether you are a volunteer or young person.


This year I will do more for others

There are a lot of ways you can help other people with Whizz-Kidz through our volunteering and young leadership programmes. We think that supporting other people to reach their potential will be the best thing you do all year.

Click here for more information about how you can get involved with Whizz-Kidz in 2016!

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