The Mobility Superstore: Caring For Those in Need

250x250-tmsLiving with a disability can have a profound effect on every facet of a person’s life. Of course, the physical problems are extremely difficult to cope with, but quite often it is a person’s loss of dignity and independence that proves the most challenging factor of life. Fortunately, The Mobility Superstore is a one-stop-shop for innovative mobility products designed to give people back their freedom. Living with disability should not leave people unable to play a full and productive role in society, and the latest mobility aids mean many people can work and socialise in their own communities.

Getting Around the Home

Disabled people rarely take mobility for granted, as even moving around their own home can be fraught with danger and difficulty. However, carefully-placed hand-rails from The Mobility Superstore can provide balance and support exactly where it is needed. An ergonomically-designed commode can ensure people are allowed to take care of their own hygiene requirements without the need for help from carers. A non-slip shower seat made with lightweight aluminium or stainless steel will also provide disabled people with a safe, convenient and dignified way of attending to their bathroom needs

The Mobility Superstore is also home to a vast range of walking aids. Whilst wooden walking sticks are still available for those who prefer them, lightweight, aluminium sticks deliver a more reliable and manageable solution. Some models are fitted with adjustable handles and plastic or rubber grips for extra comfort. A comprehensive range of crutches also includes those with adjustable heights, rubber feet for extra grip and ergonomically-designed handle grips designed to prevent hand sores.

Getting Around the Local Community

The Mobility Superstore also acknowledges the fact that disabled people want to play full and active roles in their local community. Whether that means employment or socialising with friends, the very latest wheelchairs give people options. Bariatric wheelchairs are designed to carry extra weight, and folding models are perfect for people who drive or those who use public transport regularly. Technology used in the production of the latest professional bicycles is now being utilised in order to give users a lightweight chair that can easily be picked up and stored – these innovative products are also giving people the chance to compete in local sporting events. For disabled people who just need a little extra help with balance and support, the latest range of folding walking sticks allows people to safely and securely store their walking aid when in public areas – reducing the chance of the stick becoming a tripping hazard.

TheMobilitySuperstoreThe Mobility Superstore is home to a huge range of innovative, high quality mobility aids that are designed to give people the freedom to make their own way in life. Disabled people often just need a little assistance in helping themselves, and the products currently available at The Mobility Superstore allow them to do just that. Find out more at

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