Tesco to crack down on disabled parking cheats

Tesco are vowing to hunt down drivers parking in disabled or parent and child bays.

Officials have warned that supermarket staff will now be using smartphone apps to catch out disabled bay cheats.

The supermarket giant is believed to be the first high street chain to harness the new technology to catch out shoppers parking illegally.

The handheld gadget will take pictures of cars parked in the spaces for people with Blue Badges or children under 12.

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The device will then store and send the photographic evidence to parking company Horizon, which can access the DVLA database.

Tesco says it is not a money-making scheme as the fines will only cover the costs plus fees.

It comes after growing complaints from customers, including disabled ex-servicemen and women.

In August it emerged that thefts of “blue badge” disabled parking passes have trebled in three years and the number of people caught abusing the scheme has also shot up.

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Pic Credit: flickr.com

The technology has been introduced by Tesco’s car park operations manager, Cat Parkinson. She said: “Disabled parking is an important part of the customer experience that is sometimes overlooked. I’m trying to change that.”

She added that the scheme will be initially trialed in 70 stores before being rolled out nationwide.

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