Taking action: DIAL Global virtual summit puts diversity and inclusion on the agenda

On 22 and 23 September, DIAL Global will host their third free Global Summit of 2021 themed ‘Taking Action’ with senior leaders from FTSE and Fortune 500 Companies.

DIAL Global, host of the event, is a worldwide community for diverse, inclusive and aspirational leaders. The headline partners for the summit are Unilever, Walgreens Boots Alliance, The Co-op, Verizon Media, Alfa Financial and Accenture. 


The DIAL Global Virtual September Summit will take place on the 22 and 23 of this month and will be streamed live across mainstream and diverse publications, reaching over 500,000 people in 50 countries. 

The last summit, which took place in May 2021, reached more than 251,000 people via live streams across 42 publications in 162 countries.

When looking at diversity and inclusion in the workplace, actions speak louder than words. Last year was a landmark year for diversity and inclusion in the workplace: companies around the world have begun to recognise and discuss diversity and inclusion as a key driver behind organisational success and employee engagement.


But, while we have undoubtedly made progress, there is still much more ground to cover. Diversity reporting is a positive step forward in providing greater transparency and encouraging companies to track their progress, but we must be careful to look at the bigger picture. What happens after the report? What actions are being taken to improve the level of diversity within companies? 

At this powerful summit, DIAL Global will hear from global leaders about how they are prioritising actions over words across 10 visible and invisible facets of diversity. Attendees will learn tangible strategies and steps that can be taken today to make real, measurable progress in creating equality in our workplaces. 

CEO and Founder of DIAL Global, Leila McKenzie-Delis, says: “This Global Summit allows us all to learn from each other about how to best create change and more importantly taking action in our workplaces and in our lives.

“Because in our workplaces, there is much to do, much to heal, much to restore, much to build and A LOT more to gain.”    

The summit will feature a range of panels covering different areas of diversity, alongside panel discussions exploring the most pivotal and critical issues facing diversity, equality and inclusion with leaders from around the globe


Busting the myths and changing lives of ex-offenders

In this session we’ll look at the blatant discrimination, barriers and challenges these individuals encounter and hear how some bold organizations are breaking the trend and reaping the rewards of hiring returning citizens. This panel is to be Chaired by David Apparicio MBE, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Chrysalis Foundation
Our panellists include🎉:
Christopher Moore FIH Executive at The Clink Charity
Francesca Findlater OBE Findlater OBE, Executive Founder, at Bounce Back Foundation.  
Darren Burns, Director of The Timpson Foundation

Celebrating Gender & Race Trailblazers

View an incredibly powerful session, with Joanne Wilson, Britvic Chief Financial Officer, Ray Dempsey, Barclays Chief Diversity Officer, Tobi Ajala Forbes 30 under 30 Director. As they discuss, the highs and lows of what it took for them to ‘make it’. We’ll also speak to them about their position as a role model for the next generation to follow. And learn about the impact they have had on the people in their lives and organisations. 

Managing Different Nationalities & Cultures in the Workplace

All cultures have slightly different ways of operating, from ways of eating and drinking to ideas on meeting protocol and how to shake a colleague’s hand. Knowing how to embrace this diversity is the key to creating high performance teams that feel included and that they belong. Joined by Kristiana Carlet – Verizon Media (VP, International Sales), Miguel Premoli 

Chief HR Officer No 7 Company, Talita Erickson – Chief Diversity officer at Barilla. 

How to create real and measurable change in the workplace?

View an incredibly powerful session, with Jamie Love CEO Monumental Marketing, Steve Bell – CEO Iris Worldwide, Ewen MacPherson Chief People Officer Havas, as they discuss the importance of turning words into action and how the D and I focus has shifted beyond the “feel-good” rhetoric and positive optics of diversity. How have each of them ensured measurable change is happening in their own organizations?

Full details of all the panels and panelists are available at www.dialglobal.org/Septembersummit. Summit registration is now open

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