The power of technology in helping people with a learning disability live more independently

There are 1.5 million people with a learning disability currently living in the UK, and ensuring that proactive, person-centred care is offered is crucial to ensure they can live both safely and more independently. Here Angus Honeysett, head of market access at Tunstall Healthcare, writes exclusively for Enable about how technology has stepped up to make a difference in the lives of people living with disabilities.

Coronavirus: Dementia care on pause

Living with dementia at any time presents everyday challenges for that person and those around them, but coronavirus is making daily life harder for people with dementia.

Using assistive technology during COVID-19

Assistive technology is useful every day of the year, but as the COVID-19 outbreak forces many of us to stay in our homes, its functions can be more helpful than ever.

Finding your voice with VocaliD

What would you do if your voice was permanently taken from you? Over ten million people live with voicelessness due to illness or degenerative conditions…

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