Making memories with Music Mirrors

We all have that one song that fills us with joy, and transports us back in time. Music and sound can have a powerful impact on us, and it has become the latest technique used to care for those living with dementia.

Just dance with DanceSyndrome

Jen Blackwell always dreamed of being a dancer and dance leader. However, she was unable to find dance training suitable for people with learning disabilities. So, Jen, who has Down’s syndrome, decided to do something about it.

Hannahs Guest Take to the Dancefloor

A group of Hannahs guests have started dance lessons at Seale-Hayne. The dance workshops are being run by Clair Beckett every Wednesday and they are…

Disabled students inspired to dance

Demand for dance classes from children with learning and physical disabilities soared in the months following the Paralympics, according to figures released the Royal Academy…

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