Super-model’s mum backs Mencap awareness campaign

mencap caroline sebCaroline White, whose son Seb was the first child with Down’s syndrome to feature in a major UK high street advertising campaign for M&S last Christmas is backing Mencap’s Learning Disability Week (19-25 August), calling for superhero stories.

The learning disability charity Mencap is calling for people with a learning disability and their families to share their stories of strength, courage and achievement as part of its Learning Disability Week. The charity’s aim for the week is to celebrate people with a learning disability, their families and supporters by asking the question; who is your real-life superhero?

Caroline White, says: “If you asked either of my boys to name their super-hero, the answer is guaranteed to be either Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman. Although deep down I suspect their real superhero is the same as mine. Their Dad.

“My husband Simon has never batted an eyelid about Seb’s condition and in those early, tough days, made ‘different’ normal. Seb is an equal and valued member of our little family and Simon has always made sure he is treated that way.  I wouldn’t swap our family for the world.”

Emma Harrison, from Mencap, says: “By sharing positive stories of achievement and celebrating the many super-heroes Mencap hears about every day, we want to fight the stigma and discrimination many people with a learning disability face.”

If you have a story to share, join Mencap’s online campaign or get involved in one of the events happening around the country. To find out more visit

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