Specialist disability job board Evenbreak wins in mainstream Recruitment Agency Awards


Proves companies growing interest in employing more disabled people

Onrec, a leading online recruitment publication, held it’s 10th annual awards ceremony in London, On Thursday 20th March, and was attended by over 350 top recruitment agencies and organisations.

There were 27 categories and “Newcomer of the Year” went to Evenbreak, the only specialist not-for-profit job board designed and run exclusively for disabled people, by disabled people.

Jane Hatton, Founder and director of Evenbreak, said “I am thrilled to receive this award, because it demonstrates the growing interest in disability employment in the mainstream recruitment industry. There are estimated to be 1.3 million disabled people looking for work in the UK, and increasingly employers are realising that this is a rich and largely-untapped pool of talent they have been ignoring.  Research shows there are many bottom-line business benefits to be gained from employing disabled people”.

About Evenbreak

Evenbreak is run by disabled people, for disabled people. It was founded in 2011 and is run by a disabled businesswoman. Jane was a finalist in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award 2008, and has personal experience of employing many disabled people and the value they bring to a business. As a disabled person herself (a degenerative spinal condition that restricts her ability to sit or walk, meaning she runs Evenbreak lying down with a laptop suspended above her) she knows how important staying in work is – not just for the income, but also for the self-esteem, dignity, feeling of being useful and having a purpose it brings. As a social enterprise Evenbreak is keen to promote a positive image of disabled people in employment. Find out more at www.evenbreak.co.uk

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