Social Media Revolution Hits Edinburgh


Further cementing its status as the leading city for innovative technology, Edinburgh welcomes the launch of Bespoken (

The pioneering social hub created by the Edinburgh-based Blackwood Foundation has blazed its way into more than 120 countries worldwide already, and is set to change the lives of its users.

Off-road wheelchairs, inventive devices, touch sensitive floors and digitally controlled worktops and desks are just a few examples of the futuristic inventions discussed and shared through the social media platform.

Bespoken is a concept designed to transform the lives of those with disabilities and impairments and provide its users with a podium – to share, request and push for new information – allowing them to advance their quality of living and broaden their independence.

National success has already come from frequent Bespoken user, Gavin Neate, who has used the hub to vivaciously promote his ground-breaking app-device, The Neatebox.

The app provides blind and visually impaired users with the ability to cross the road in a streamlined and safe way – and takes pride of place next to a crossing at The Scottish Parliament.

Gavin is thankful for his involvement with Bespoken during his quest to transform the lives of the visually impaired, he said:

“I’m incredibly grateful to the Blackwood Foundation and Bespoken who have supported and encouraged me through the past 4 years.”

“The result is the Neatebox which allows people with disabilities to activate a pedestrian crossing by using their smartphone.

“I’ve never wavered in my conviction that this will make a major difference to people with all sorts of disabilities. It remains my ambition to see a Neatebox on as many crossings in the UK as possible.”

Paul Richoux, Social Media Coordinator at Blackwood, is proud of Bespoken’s achievements such as The Neatebox, and is braced for Bespoken’s continued success, he said: “Bespoken makes day to day life easier. It’s innovative, revolutionary and aims to push boundaries.

“Our goal is to collide independent living with digital technology and to achieve an end result of improved quality of life for those with impairments.

“We want Blackwood to be synonymous with innovation – and doing the best it can do to provide a better quality of life for all.”

The Blackwood Foundation in Edinburgh is dedicated to helping disabled people, their families, care professionals and other experts to identify and develop technology which helps transform lives by helping people live independently. It is a subsidiary of Blackwood. Blackwood has been a leading name for 40 years in the housing and care sector, operating all across Scotland and is renowned for its work in adapting properties to let people who are disabled, elderly or have sensory impairments, to live independently. Find out more about Blackwood at

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