SIA celebrates 40 years of rebuilding lives after spinal cord injury

spinalinjuries#This year, the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is proud to announce its 40th Anniversary.

Our President and Founder, Baroness Masham, set up SIA in 1974 after she realised that there was very little support available for spinal cord injured people once they had left hospital. Baroness Masham said recently “I can remember very clearly the first stirrings of the charity; it came about as a result of my own experiences as a spinal cord injured person and those with whom I came
into contact. Having been created a Life Peer in the House of Lords in 1970, I was frequently contacted by spinal cord injured people asking for my help and advice when they felt no-one was listening to them. I saw a need for a body run by spinal cord injured people that could promote their unique needs. And so the Spinal Injuries Association was born.”

“From our early days, we have sought to redress discrimination and tackle the issues that really mattered to spinal cord injured people. Often, our campaigning focussed on the practical – for example, who now remembers that one of SIA’s earliest battles was the fight for the issue of suitable wheelchairs for SCI people.”

“SIA has had many successes in its 40 years. We have had the strong support of our spinal cord injured membership and many non-disabled people who saw the rightness of our cause and have stood beside us. Therefore, our 40th Anniversary, while a time to celebrate our success, is also a time to say thank you and to remember all those who have brought us to our current position without whom we would not be where we are today, growing and thriving and facing the next 40 years with an enduring determination to continue to represent and give voice to spinal cord injured people.”

SIA offers free advice, support and information to spinal cord injured people, and their families, from injury to independence. We also provide education and training to healthcare professionals who
contribute to the treatment and care of spinal cord injured people.

SIA will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary with a variety of fundraising and awareness raising activities throughout the year and we will be inviting our friends and supporters to join us as we aim to Make 40 Matter in 2014. Visit or email to find out how you can get involved.

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