Shaw Education Trust launches three academy schools in Staffordshire

shaw-education-trustChildren with special educational needs will be able to receive extra support in Staffordshire now Shaw Education Trust has launched. Shaw Education Trust is led by some of the UK’s leading figures in education to deliver the strategic management of the academies with the support of its sponsor, the charity, Shaw Trust.

The three special schools that have converted to academy status are:

  • Blackfriars Coppice Federation, consisting of Blackfriars and Coppice schools in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Blackfriars is graded outstanding and is a National Support School and a Teaching School while Coppice school is judged by Ofsted to be good with outstanding features.
  • Walton Hall Community Special School in Eccleshall. This school has made significant progress in the past year having moved from being in special measures as judged by Ofsted to a school that requires improvement – Shaw Education Trust is committed to ensuring that Walton Hall Community Special School continues to make these improvements in the future.

The Shaw Education Trust’s board has appointed Mr Jim Kane as chief executive. Mr Kane is currently executive head teacher at Blackfriars Coppice Federation of Schools.

Roy O’Shaughnessy, chief executive of Shaw Trust, said: “Becoming an approved academy sponsor is an exciting and logical extension to Shaw Trust’s vision of society and the sense of purpose we bring to achieving it. By combining our three decades of employability expertise and with some of the UK’s leading educationalists, this unique collaboration focuses on making a real difference for those the charity was created to serve.”

Jim Kane, chief executive of Shaw Education Trust, said: “Shaw Education Trust is committed to delivering best-in-class tailored learning to ensure every young person at one of our schools has the opportunity and support to achieve their full potential – whatever their abilities and whatever their background. By offering work experience placements and dedicated advisers, a focus on bridging the gap between school and the outside world will give the young people we serve the best chances to go on to education, employment or training.”

To find out more about the Shaw Education Trust please visit the Shaw Education Trust website.

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