SGN helps Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association to warm up

Pic Alan Richardson

Pic Alan Richardson

SGN has put its energy into improving the working environment for the employees at Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association. As part of its focus on fuel poverty, helping to make life better for low income and vulnerable households, the gas distribution network company recently donated a week of some of its engineers’ time to install central heating into the Association’s head office.

When SGN Social Strategy Manager Robbie Stevenson had a meeting with the charity to discuss working with them to provide energy advice at their five drop-in centres across Glasgow, he noticed the office was very cold and heated with an old and inefficient storage heating system. He offered help from SGN’s Community Action Programme (CAP) scheme. CAP gives every employee the opportunity to use one full day each year to volunteer for a worthwhile cause during working hours.

Eight employees undertook the hard graft to install 19 radiators, a boiler and the associated thermostatic equipment. Engineers involved in fitting the central heating system work in Scottish Independent Undertakings and hold the qualifications to carry out this type of work in addition to their day-to-day duties.

Some of the users of the Association’s services dropped into the head office earlier today to help celebrate the improvements with those involved in the central heating project. They also heard about SGN’s plans for combating fuel poverty in Scotland.

The new heating system has transformed the working environment for the staff at the Association and it also means that the elderly people will now feel warm and comfortable when they visit the office for advice and support.

Association CEO Sheena Glass said: “We are extremely grateful and would like to say a huge thank you to SGN and the companies who supplied the central heating equipment which was installed.

“This will be very beneficial to Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association and will allow us to make full use of the rooms down in our basement once again.”

Energy Action Scotland Director Norman Kerr said: “We’ve been working in partnership with SGN for some time now, and were able to introduce them to the Association. I’m delighted to see this outcome. I’m sure the central heating will make a great difference to the staff and help them with their work.”

Robbie added: “It’s been a pleasure for us to help such an important organisation as Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association. We hope that by providing them with a much warmer base to operate from they will be able to increase the great work they are already doing in supporting the older generation in Glasgow.

“We’d like to thank Everwarm Group, Vaillant, Thermatic and Drayton by Schneider Electric for providing the central heating equipment which we installed.

“As a company we are committed to improving the living conditions for those living in fuel poverty. Through our Help to Heat programme we’re providing free or discounted gas connections, as well as a range of energy advice, to our most vulnerable customers.”

SGN manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.8 million homes and businesses across the Scotland and the south of England. Our pipes deliver gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of our customers. Find out more at

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