Seconds Matter with arthritis

With National Arthritis Week underway, Premier Care in Bathing have launched a video campaign highlighting the difficulties faced by the thousands of Brits living with arthritis every day.

Premier Care in Bathing, the UK market leader of walk-in baths and easy access showers, are pledging their support to  tackling the difficulties faced by the country’s millions of arthritis patients. Called Seconds Matter, the organisation’s awareness-raising video (which can be viewed above or by clicking here) shows a typical morning for a set of twins – one of whom is wearing a  simulation arthritis suit. The split screen shows the challenges faced by the person with arthritis – and why it’s important to get the right support and equipment in place. As the Seconds Matter video shows, arthritis can make even the most straightforward every day tasks much harder and more time consuming.

More than 10 million people in the UK have arthritis, making it the single biggest cause of pain and disability in the country – roughly one in six people are affected. Premier Care in Bathing’s Seconds Matter micro site contains lots of information on the condition, along with a link to make a donation to Arthritis Care.

Gordon Farmiloe, managing director of Premier Care in Bathing, commented: “Premier Care in Bathing are proud to support National Arthritis Week, by finding a way to raise awareness of a condition which affects millions of us every day. The purpose of the video is simple; to make the invisible, visible. To show the difficulties that people of all ages can go through, every day, when suffering from arthritis.”

Head to to find out more about arthritis in the UK, and to make a donation to Arthritis Care.

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