Ottobock UK announces partnership with Legs4Africa charity to bring hope to thousands of amputees in Africa

Leg4Africa collect two crates of donated prosthetic components from Ottobock UK

Leg4Africa collect two crates of donated prosthetic components from Ottobock UK


Ottobock UK has today announced a strategic partnership with Legs4Africa, a charity which sources and delivers prosthetic and mobility components and delivers them to those who need them most in Africa.

As part of the partnership, Ottobock UK has donated two crates of prosthetic, orthotic and technical equipment to help the cause. Ottobock has donated a range of equipment to help the team of staff who fit the limbs in the Gambia. Alignment tools, measurement tools and event nuts and bolts have all been gifted to hospitals in Gambia to help improve the level of care for amputees.

“We are currently living in a ‘disposable’ age where everything is considered replaceable and very little recycled”, said Phil Yates, Managing Director of Ottobock UK. “As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobility equipment, we have a duty to ensure that our technology benefits as many people as possible. This new partnership with Legs4Africa will help us with this mission further. We hope that our no-longer-used equipment and stock will improve the quality of life for those living with a disability in Africa and we look forward to growing our partnership with this fantastic charity.”

Ottobock upholds outstanding environment standards in the UK and constantly seeks to improve its policies with initiative such as these. “As market leaders, we need to take responsibility for our outputs in the UK,” said Lisa Hale, QA and Environmental Manager at Ottobock UK. “By finding ways to recycle stock no longer used in the UK we can not only help the environment, but also provide direct benefit to those who don’t have access to the exceptional healthcare offered in the UK”.

Legs4Africa’s mission is to improve the quality of lives of amputees in Africa by giving them the resources they so desperately need.

Limbs will always be free for the people receiving them. However, in many cases a fee of the equivalent of £8 is necessary to cover the cost of socket bandages and plaster-of-paris-moulds. Of course, in the poorest of communities this fee is not affordable and we are doing everything we can to reduce it, with the end-goal of eradicating it totally. If you’d like to donate, please visit the Legs4Africa website directly.

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