Ottobock launches world’s first prosthetic locking knee joint with unique safety features for sitting

ottobock-prosedoOttobock, a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility, has launched Prosedo, a pioneering mechanical locking knee which ensures users are able to sit safely.

The Prosedo 3R31 has mechanical components which provide significant benefits to amputees who primarily use their prosthesis for getting around the house. The Prosedo provides users peace of mind by enabling them to sit down safely, be it on a bed, chair or in a wheelchair.

The Prosedo is the first of its kind to have a semi-automatic knee lock along with an integrated linear hydraulic unit. It serves to stabilise the amputee when the lock is disengaged by actively supporting the user when they are in the process of sitting down by gradually damping the knee flexion. The knee joint can also be individually adjusted by the user’s clinician to a higher or lower resistance to suit their personal requirement.

As well as benefitting from the safety features when sitting,

The Adjust 1M10 prosthetic foot marries well with the Prosedo knee joint as – in contrast to traditional ankle-foot devices suitable for those with low mobility (Mobis 1) – the foot’s increased flexion allows for extended surface contact making the process of sitting down easier and more controlled. Additionally the foot’s flexibility also provides a stabilising effect when it comes to uneven terrain.

For more information on Ottobock’s range of innovative solutions that restore mobility please visit or follow @ottobockuk.

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