Online store benefiting brain injury appeal

izzys_attic_logoIzzy Judd, wife of McFly drummer Harry, has launched a new online shop, with part of the proceeds going towards support for people with brain injuries.

Izzy’s Attic is an online treasure trove, selling a range of beautiful vintage-inspired gifts, ranging from photo frames to personalised bunting. Every month, Izzy will be picking out some of her favourite gifts and 50% of the proceeds from these items will go to the Eyes Alight appeal.

Eyes Alight was launched by former Escala violinist Izzy in 2011, inspired by her brother Rupert. Rupert suffered a brain injury in 1997 following a car accident. His brain was so badly injured that he had to have the left front lobe removed. It was a hugely difficult time for all of Izzy’s family, as the Rupert they knew had changed dramatically, suddenly struggling to control his emotions, understand boundaries and cope in social situations. Today, he lives in his own flat in a BIRT residential rehabilitation centre the south of England.

Having spent a lot of time with Rupert and his fellow service users at the BIRT home, Izzy started to think about what she could do to help them – and Eyes Alight was born. Eyes Alight is a fund within BIRT (the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust), which helps to grant wishes for the organisation’s service users, letting them do things that they enjoy and which aid their rehabilitation.

“I was with my mum in the car when we were trying to think up a name for it, and we were talking about Rupert and the other people in the home and how their eyes light up when you spend time with them,” Izzy explains. “So Eyes Alight just came from there, and we started to fulfil wishes. We’ve given away a lot of laptops. People feel they need communication with the outside world, and it helps to aid rehabilitation as well. It also goes right down to a trip to the ballet. There was one chap who hadn’t been up to London for 20-odd years and he wanted to go on a boat on the Thames. There’s been everything you could think of.”

To see the items which will benefit Eyes Alight, head to and click on the ‘for Eyes Alight’ section to see this month’s picks. Click here to find out more about Eyes Alight.

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