NRS Healthcare releases Accessibility Guide to UK’s National Parks

The 15 National Parks across the UK strive to create a more inclusive society for all and from 24th-30th July, they are celebrating National Parks Week with a focus on “Bringing people together”. In support of this, NRS Healthcare have released an Accessibility Guide to the UK’s National Parks which is free to download.

If you’re living with mental health issues or a physical disability, visiting new places can often hold a lot of uncertainty and sometimes be an anxious experience. However, NRS Healthcare recognise that getting out and about is hugely important if you are differently abled in order to remain active and independent.

National Parks Week runs from the 24th-30th July, and this year’s theme is “Bringing People Together”. The UK’s National Parks are spread across England, Scotland and Wales and offer the perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy natural and cultural areas of interest. According to 40% of visitors, walking is the most popular activity. For this reason, it’s important for National Parks to ensure there are accessible trails for those who are differently abled, so no one misses out on seeing some of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights.

This year, the team at NRS Healthcare are supporting the “Bringing People Together” campaign by releasing an Accessibility Guide to the UK’s National Parks. The guide will not only be useful during the awareness week, but throughout the year.

The guide includes a series of maps highlighting areas across the UK that have been designated as National Parks. Each of these areas boast at least one activity for those living with a disability to safely enjoy, whether they have restricted mobility, mental health issues or a physical condition like visual impairment. The activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Miles without Stiles: an initiative across the country of trails which enable those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to move around safely.
  • Easy access beaches.
  • Hire of all-terrain vehicles and specially adapted bicycles.
  • Opportunities to learn to sail, canoe or kayak on accessible boats.
  • Centres which offer events for differently abled children or adults to experience outdoor adventures.

The guide also highlights products that can enable people to navigate and enjoy the UK’s National Parks more easily and confidently.

The Accessibility Guide will be shared on NRS Healthcare’s blog and social media in the run up to and during National Parks Week,with a goal of encouraging more people to visit and enjoy the UK’s National Parks, no matter what their abilities. The guide is free to download. You can access the guide here.

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