Newlife launch response appeal to ensure support is still available to families

Newlife, the charity for disabled children, has called on the UK Government to receive further funding. The charity writes the below feature.

In these uncertain times, we need your support more than ever and we have launched a COVID-19 response appeal.

Due to the temporary closure of our charity retail stores, we have suffered a huge loss in income that is used to help vulnerable, disabled, and terminally ill children.


This is especially urgent, as we have just openly announced we are unable to receive government funding allocated by the chancellor to supported charities throughout the pandemic – including aids such as Children In Need or Comic Relief for funding.

We have written an open letter to the chancellor pleading for an emergency grant for our vital services. 

Without support these services, such as providing emergency loan beds to discharge children from hospital, may grind to a halt.


Many of the disabled children we help are at the most risk of the effects of COVID-19. It’s vital they get the equipment they need to keep them safe.

Our dedicated team of nurses is continuing to run our helpline to provide important support to families.

We have seen an increase in calls to our nurse-run helpline from worried families seeking help over recent weeks as they struggle to get the support and equipment they need, often because of the huge strain being put on statutory services.


We are still operating our emergency equipment loan service, which provides equipment to keep children safe, free them from pain and allows them to leave the hospital and go home.

In the last couple of weeks, Newlife provided an emergency loan cot to four-month-old Rosie, from Essex, so she could be discharged from hospital.

Rosie is just one of three people in the world diagnosed with a condition called Kilquist syndrome which has caused her intestinal and breathing difficulties, so severe she has already endured two surgeries, was on a ventilator for five days at just three weeks old, and has even needed CPR from her parents.


Mum Charlotte said: “Rosie was in isolation in the hospital due to her condition putting her at such high risk if she caught COVID-19, which was a worry. She’s safer at home and we are finally enjoying time together as a family.”

Thousands of vulnerable children across the UK, just like Rosie, urgently need specialist equipment to keep them safe.

You can help Newlife by donating anything you can to ensure their services continue operating.

Learn more about Newlife by visiting their website here.

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