New online portal to help stroke survivors

equipstrokelogoEquip Stroke is a new online portal launched by the Stroke Association for stroke survivors to get information on products and services that can help them live independently.

The Stroke Association commissioned the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) to help create a site that gives easy access to advice on daily living for stroke survivors, their families and carers.

Equip Stroke provides stroke survivors with personalised recommendations on aids that can improve their day-to-day living. When they visit the site stroke survivors and carers specify the area they want advice on from a range of options including: managing personal care, help with mobility or communication or doing household chores. They then fill in a questionnaire and are given an individual report based on the responses. The report suggests specific solutions and equipment to aid their recovery or make tasks easier.

The products have all been independently reviewed and the advice provided is impartial. All the content is written by DLF’s in-house occupational therapists and advisors from Stroke Association so the guidance conforms to the Information Standard. The tool will also signpost stroke survivors to get assessments or go to their GP wherever appropriate.

Claire Vincent, Partnerships Manager at the Stroke Association said:

“We get so many enquiries about aids and adaptations, but everyone is different. There was clear demand for a stroke-focused portal that could tailor information to each individual. We hope this will be a one-stop shop for tools to assist with stroke prevention, swallowing, one sided weakness and visual problems. Stroke is a complex condition but there are aids that can improve most long term effects.”

Christine Shaw, Chief Executive of the DLF said:

Equip Stroke is a great resource and we are delighted to have aided the Stroke Association in creating an innovative service for those affected by stroke. The site not only covers the most common difficulties for stroke survivors but also related areas that can sometimes get overlooked yet still have an impact on an individual’s ability to remain independent in and out of the home.”

You can visit the Equip Stroke site at

Stroke survivors, carers and care professionals can also call the Stroke Association Helpline on 0303 3033 100 for more information on stroke and support available.

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