National freephone support for family carers of people with learning disabilities

hft_logoThe Family Carer Support Service (FCSS) is now offering a Freephone service for family carers of people with learning disabilities.

The support service, which is run by Hft – the learning disabilities charity, will offer free telephone support, including from mobiles, between 8.30am and 4.30pm weekdays to ensure that family carers have sufficient access to information.

Support can be accessed using The Big Word telephone translation service which is available for people who don’t speak English.

The FCSS is the only free national support service for family carers of adults with learning disabilities. Support provided via the Freephone service includes helping family carers know their rights, understand the law, how to navigate health and social care systems and challenge decisions.

Rhianon Gale, FCSS Manager, said: “Access to accurate and up to date information is a right; family carers are often financially disadvantaged and shouldn’t have to pay for the support they need. The FCSS is dedicated to helping family carers support their relative with learning disabilities to stay safe, well and live a good life, while keeping well in their own right.”

The FCSS has been supporting family carers for over 20 years through its one to one support, family carer focussed guides and free workshops for family carers. It is currently planning free workshops about the Care Act delivered across England which family carers can book their place in July.

For family carers who are looking for support, the Freephone number is 0808 801 0448 and e-mail support can be accessed by contacting For more information about the FCSS, visit

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