Easy read information improves access to Motability

motability logoA new ‘easy read’ version of key advice and information about the Motability Car Scheme has been produced for the first time. This clear, simple version of the introductory brochure ‘Your Guide to Leasing a Motability Car’, sees Motability increase the range of the information already available in alternative formats, such as large print and audio options.

Featuring images and graphics to aid the explanation of text, the easy read guide shows what’s included, the rules around responsible use of a Motability car, how to find a local car dealer and how to create a shortlist of affordable cars, in an easy-to-understand format.

Delia Ray, head of marketing, Motability Operations, explains: “This first easy read Motability publication enhances the range of information available, in the format that best suits an individual’s requirements. Easy read publications offer a more helpful stepping stone to enable people with learning difficulties or other cognitive impairments to find out more. Having the tools available to aid understanding and awareness is key in making information about Motability more accessible.”

Easy read options will also be produced for other key Motability Scheme publications. The new easy read guide is available to download from motability.co.uk in the ‘useful downloads’ section. The Motability website also features other guides to download and videos to aid understanding and decision making on topics, such as choosing the right adaptations for a car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and pricing.

For more information on leasing a car through the Motability Scheme, visit motability.co.uk or call 0800 093 1000.


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