Design for the Mind training to improve environments for people with neurological conditions

CAE_logoThe Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) is launching a new training course which explores how people with neurological needs interact and respond to different environments.

The Design for the Mind course focuses on design responses to acute needs such as dementia, autism, and learning difficulties. Applicable to virtually all environments (educational, workplace, retail, residential and external settings), the training will draw on examples and exercises to illustrate the design significance of:

  • social dynamics (interplay between space and occupants)
  • the sensory environment (colour, light, sound and biodiversity)
  • orientation (wayfinding and recollection)
  • safeguarding (wellbeing of vulnerable people and those in their support networks)

Lead by Steve Maslin, an access consultant with a background in design and mind-related needs, this training is aimed at designers, consultants and people-orientated professionals within commercial, retail and public sector organisations.  It will help implement government-backed themes such as the significance of Wellbeing Economics, Dementia Friendly Communities and the Autism Strategy, and will have significance to all customer sensitive organisations.

Helen Carter, Interim Director of the Centre for Accessible Environments said:

“Businesses and organisations of all kinds are well used to using design to meet a range of physical access requirements. However there is now a much needed drive to provide facilities that are accessible to people with conditions such as dementia and autism.

“This CAE training course enables organisations to extend their expertise in order to meet the wider needs of people with neurological conditions and move to providing accessible environments for all.”

The half-day course takes place in London on 11 February and 18 March 2014 between 14:00 and 16.30. CAE members can book their place for £135 (non-members £150). Booking forms can be accessed from the CAE website: or call 020 7822 8232.

The Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) has been the leading UK authority on inclusive design and access to the built environment for disabled and older people for over 40 years. CAE is a registered charity and provides a range of resources, information, publications, training, access consultancy and auditing services.

Find out more at, or follow CAE on Twitter at

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