NDCS teams up with Basketball England to give deaf children opportunity to play

NDCS-logoNational Deaf Children’s Society and Basketball England have scored a slam-dunk with their new deaf-friendly basketball tips.

A new resource – the first of its kind – has been developed to make sure that the game is accessible for the 45,000 deaf children and young people in the UK.

The perceived barriers which exist for deaf children and young people who are keen to get involved in basketball can be easily overcome with small and simple steps, such as:

  • ask coaches, team managers and even opposition players to raise their hand when the whistle is blown,
  • ensure the deaf player is looking directly at you and you have their attention before talking to them and,
  • if needed, write information down for the deaf player to read.

Jo Dowbekin, Head of Children and Youth Participation at the National Deaf Children’s Society, said: “Deafness should never be a reason for ruling out young people from sporting activities yet too many deaf young people are denied the chance to play.

“Making basketball accessible for everyone, whilst raising awareness across the sports industry, is so important. Not only does basketball teach many valuable skills, it’s also great fun and a fantastic way of making friends!”

Jon Stonebridge, Basketball England, Disability Participation Officer said: 

“Working with the GB Deaf Basketball Programme highlighted the importance of raising basketball participation in the deaf community. This NDCS resource will enable coaches and clubs to not only increase their knowledge of deaf basketball but to raise awareness in general. This information will enable deaf players to have a more positive playing experience”

“The resource is about letting coaches know that with a few minor alterations to the way they already coach, they will open up the access of their sessions to a wider audience. Developing this resource with NDCS has added to the ongoing work with GB Deaf Basketball and UK Deaf Sport. We look forward to working with all organisations in the future to raise basketball participation”

Click here to view the Factsheet.

The National Deaf Children’s Society is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and their families. For more information visit www.ndcs.org.uk.  For further support, parents can contact the National Deaf Children’s Society Freephone Helpline on 0808 800 8880 (voice and text), email helpline@ndcs.org.uk, or chat online at www.ndcs.org.uk/livechat.

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