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If we told you that this board had been under development for over 10 years, we’re not sure you’d believe us, but it’s true!  Peta (UK) Ltd is now proud to present its very attractive multi-function food preparation board.  Designed to assist those with weak hand function, or semi-loss of use of one hand, this offers a solution to peeling, slicing and grating.  This high quality food preparation board offers increased independence at home and would not look out of place in any kitchen showroom!

peta_graterManufactured from sustainable Rubberwood mounted on non-slip feet the chopping board has an ingenious cavity which houses a coarse grater, a fine grater with slicer / peeler and a collecting bowl all made from high grade stainless steel.  The grater bowls can be reversed on top of the collecting bowl to allow easy grating/collecting in one action.  Flip the lid over and you have four clever spikes which can keep fruit and vegetables in place for peeling or cutting

Veronica, one of our testers, said “I have MS and always find food preparation tiring as I have to carefully plan what equipment to use before I actually do the preparation.  When I tried Peta’s multi-function board it removed a lot of the fuss as it is so versatile; I also found it provided a better working position when I was peeling potatoes.  It is so attractive that I am keeping it on display on my counter-top and although I have only had it for a few weeks I have already found that it has become a primary tool of my kitchen!”

Another tester, Niki, told us “it is very, very well made and it will make my life much easier.  I love that you get three products in one – chopping board, grater, meat holder.  Within a month it has become a brilliant kitchen gadget and I actually don’t know how I managed without it”.

Priced at £64.95 plus £5 p&p, this item is available exclusively from Peta (UK) Ltd.  Please call 01376 573476 for a brochure or visit

Peta (UK) Ltd has been designing products for children and adults with special needs since 1975.  Recent product development has focussed on providing highly attractive ergonomic products which not only assist independence but make life easier for everyone.  For further information about our company and product range please visit

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