Motivation launches “When I Grow Up” appeal

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  • UK Government to double all donations made to ‘When I Grow Up’ appeal 
  • Appeal – by UK charity Motivation – focuses on the 2.5 million disabled children in Uganda, helping them to grow up, stay healthy and dream big 
  • With the right wheelchair, training and support, disadvantaged and vulnerable children can lead full, healthy and productive lives 

UK mobility charity launches brand new appeal to help disabled children in Uganda to grow up, stay healthy and dream big, with all public donations doubled by the UK Government. 

Motivation Charitable Trust is thrilled to be a recipient of the Government’s UK Aid Match Scheme, which will see all public donations between 3rd May and 3rd August towards their When I Grow Up appeal doubled by the government.

The appeal launches as Motivation itself comes of age and celebrates 25 years of showing the world that with the right wheelchair, training and support, even the most disadvantaged and vulnerable can lead full, healthy and productive lives.

The mobility charity is now turning its attention to the plight of Uganda’s 2.5 million disabled children who won’t necessarily get the chance to grow up. In Uganda having a disability can still bring shame and disgrace, and these children face an uncertain future. Most are simply invisible, living on the fringes of society, in extreme poverty with little chance of breaking free. Many will die before they reach five years old from what should be easily preventable health complications, such as pressure sores, and bladder or bowel infections. And with an estimated one in 300 children affected by cerebral palsy, disabled children today still represent one of the country’s most marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Motivation thinks that every child deserves the best start in life. That’s why they are asking the UK public to donate to their appeal supporting disabled children and their families in Uganda – to help them grow up, stay healthy and dream big!

Children like Tapiwa, Denis and Timothy who have all received support and encouragement from Motivation and are now confident young individuals, determined to be independent with high hopes for the future.

Eight year old Tapiwa has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair prescribed and fitted by a Motivation-trained wheelchair service. Tapiwa’s classmates used to be scared to play with her in case they ‘caught’ her disability, but following training provided by Motivation, she and her mother now have the information they need to dispel negative beliefs. Tapiwa is making friends and knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up: “I want to work hard in school and become a bank manager!” 

David Constantine MBE, Motivation’s President and Co-Founder is himself a wheelchair user. He explains; “We chose the theme ‘When I Grow Up’ because we realised that it was such a universal statement. We’ve probably all said those four words as children, usually at the beginning of a sentence that goes on to express our hopes and dreams for the future. It should be no different for a disabled child living in a developing country – and through this appeal we can help make that happen” 

David has seen first-hand how by giving parents practical skills and knowledge they can keep their children healthy and break free from poverty. Friendship and guidance from local support groups can also help parents find the strength to challenge negative attitudes and reject community pressure to abandon their children. And, with motivation from inspiring role models, like David, children can be encouraged to aim high, be independent, and fight for their right to be included.

Motivation is the leading provider of quality products, training and support for wheelchair users in low income countries. Working with local, national and international partners, Motivation has been transforming the lives of people with mobility disabilities for 25 years.

 Motivation’s strategic goal is to support 100,000 disabled people annually by the end of 2017. Learn more about Motivation’s work at their new website

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