Meet the apprentice: Murrie Robertson, East Ayrshire Council


“I’m now a lot more confident and responsible in everything I do.”  – Murrie Robertson, Modern Apprentice Active Schools, Sport and Leisure, East Ayrshire Council

Murrie Robertson’s unmistakeable love and passion for sport meant there was only ever one industry he saw himself working in. When the opportunity to work, learn and earn in a sporting setting arose, he grabbed it.

The Kilmarnock-based Modern Apprentice has completed the first year of Active Schools apprenticeship within the Vibrant Communities department which has given him a wider range of experiences than he could ever have imagined.

Murrie said: “I get to work with so many different people and learn so much every day.”

Murrie is working towards his qualification with East Ayrshire Council. His apprenticeship sees him working in schools across the local authority area to promote and deliver sports and healthy activities. It is a job he takes great pride in.

The 18-year-old explained: “My role involves going into schools to provide sport support. I also link with additional support needs schools as well as mainstream schools. I love helping to coach the pupils and help them work towards competitions; it’s a great feeling.”

Murrie himself has additional support needs and it means a great deal to him to be able to help those with similar needs. One particular highlight was visiting his old school as part of his job.

His family are also incredibly proud of him and happy to see him working at something he clearly loves. He said: “My Mum and Dad know what I’m achieving and working towards. They really want me to go far.

Murrie feels there have been other benefits to working and training. “I’ve definitely changed since becoming an apprentice. My personality has changed and I’m now a lot more confident and responsible in everything I do,” he explained.

Gary Seymour, from Vibrant communities and Murrie’s manager, said: “Murrie is able to solve problems effectively and is very enthusiastic. He has brought drive and a keen spirit and works to ensure every job and task is carried out to the highest standard. He has been a pleasure to manage and mentor.”

Find out what it’s really like to do an apprenticeship from Murrie.

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